Hair Restoration at Arizona Dermatology

So hair restoration really encompasses the attempt to either regrow hair, and you can use medical agents to do that as well as procedural agents to do that. The medical agents that we use to treat hair loss involve making sure that the patient doesn’t have a nutritional abnormality that we could correct, doesn’t have a thyroid problem that we need to correct. But also, there are certain supplements that we use to help encourage hair growth.The most important thing about hair loss is that you want to diagnose it, and evaluate it, and start treating it quickly. So if it’s caused by genetics, you’re fighting up a very steep hill. But there are lots of things that we can do to slow the process, lots of things we can do to reverse the process, to get somebody’s hair to grow back, if we’re talking about medical treatments, we’re talking about surgical treatments, or procedural treatments. There are lots of ways to combat that. So it’s certainly important to get the diagnosis early, so that you can get started on treatment early.