Bags Under Your Eyes? Here’s How to Get Rid of Them

Tired of looking tired? Dark circles or bags under your eyes can make you look worn out and older than you are. Bags under the eyes can be caused by a number of different factors. Depending on what’s causing them, different home remedies or in-office treatments can help. Let’s look at ways to combat dark circles and bags under the eyes for a more refreshed and revitalized look.

What Causes Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

Some common causes of under eye circles include:

  • By far the most common cause of dark eye circles is the natural aging process. As we age, our skin becomes thinner and we lose fat and collagen—a protein that gives skin structure and elasticity. Muscles and supportive tissue around the eyes can weaken as well, causing fat to bulge out, creating bags, or contributing to a dark, hollowed-out look.
  • Some people have a genetic predisposition to developing dark circles under the eyes.
  • Congestion and inflammation can create a puffy look under the eyes.
  • Medical conditions. Some conditions like thyroid problems can cause under-eye swelling.
  • A high-salt diet, fatigue, sun damage, and dehydration can all contribute to the problem.

At Home Remedies for Under Eye Bags

If dark circles under your eyes are an occasional nuisance, here are some things you can try.

Cold compresses. Cold reduces inflammation and swelling by reducing blood flow. Close your eyes and place an ice pack, bag of frozen vegetables, or chilled cucumber slices over your lids for several minutes.

Caffeine. Caffeine constricts blood vessels. Some eye creams contain caffeine to help reduce under-eye swelling. You can also soak and then chill tea bags (make sure it’s black or green tea and not decaffeinated) and place them on your closed eyes for 10 to 15 minutes.

Get enough rest. If it seems like dark circles are worse after a rough night of sleep, it’s because sleep deprivation makes your skin paler and shadows more prominent.

Raise your head. Keeping your head elevated, either with extra pillows or by physically elevated the head of your bed, prevents fluid from pooling around your eyes.

Apply Sunscreen. Sun damage can result in excess pigmentation under the eyes. Use a daily moisturizer with a broad spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher.

Treat Allergies. The histamines that trigger seasonal allergies can dilate your blood vessels and cause inflammation around your eyes. Taking appropriate medications can help minimize allergy-related under-eye bags and circles.

Be gentle. When washing your face, don’t rub or use a lot of pressure, which can irritate your eyes and break the tiny blood vessels around them. Choose a gentle cleanser without added fragrance or color. Use warm, not hot, water.

Drink more water. Dehydration causes water retention, leading to puffiness and under-eye circles. Reducing salt and alcohol in your diet can help you stay hydrated as well.

Use quality skin care products. Effective, science-backed skin care products can protect the skin around the eyes and improve its quality. Our dermatologists recommend SkinBetter Science, Epionce, ISDN, Colorescience, and Jan Marini brands. Come in for a consultation to find the right products for your skin.

Wear the right makeup. Properly applied concealer can help lessen the look of dark circles. Use a concealer that’s no more than one to two shades lighter than your surrounding skin. Flesh-tone concealers cover circles with a brown or yellow tone. Yellow-tone concealers will mask circles with a bluish hue. Green-tinted concealers work well on reddish under-eye circles.

We don’t recommend applying hemorrhoid creams to the eye area.

Dermatology Treatments for Bags Under the Eyes

At Arizona Dermatology, we offer in-office treatments that can more dramatically improve the look of under eye circles. Our recommendations will depend on your individual needs. Dermatologic treatments for dark circles under the eyes may include:

  • Chemical peel. A chemical peel treats wrinkled under-eye skin by removing superficial top layers. A chemical solution dissolves the upper skin cells to reveal tighter, healthier, brighter skin.
  • Dermal fillers. For dramatic results, we can inject hyaluronic-based substances into the hollows under your eyes to create a fuller, smoother transition to the cheek. At Arizona Dermatology, we use Juvederm, Voluma, and Sculptra.
  • This procedure creates micro-fractures in the skin. As the skin heals, new collagen is produced and skin appears fuller, younger, and healthier.

Call Arizona Dermatology

The board-certified dermatologists at Arizona Dermatology will advise you regarding the best approach for treating dark or baggy under eye circles and can provide in-office treatments to improve your skin color and tone.