Dr. John Ebner Featured in Arizona Republic & USA Today

Dr. Ebner featured as expert in melanoma article

On June 13th, 2015 the Arizona Republic and USA Today published a story about the rising melanoma rates in Arizona. Dr. Ebner was interviewed as an expert on the subject. His vast research and experience treating all forms of skin cancer at Arizona Dermatology made him the perfect choice.

Here is his part of the article

John Ebner a doctor of osteopathic medicine at Arizona Dermatology in the Valley, agrees that many doctors did not know to report melanoma cases to the state. “The thought was that it was just voluntary”, he said.

Ebner said he is seeing more cases of melanoma and finding many people don’t relate the risk of getting the cancer to the their personal behavior. “Many young people don’t see that their life will ever end” he said, adding that melanomas might not show up until years after overexposure to ultraviolet light.

“The reality is that tan skin is damaged skin,” Ebner said. “The tan is your body’s way of trying to fight against ultraviolet exposure.

USA Today Article

CDC Pushes Prevention As Melanoma Rates Double

CDC Pushes Prevention As Melanoma Rates Double